CompuQuest, inc. provides custom, high quality instrument control, data acquisition, and signal processing software, emphasizing both radar cross section (RCS) and antenna measurement applications. All software products are true MS Windows 32/64 bit applications designed to run under Microsoft operating systems released after Windows NT. This includes the most common Windows 2000/XP and Vista systems.

CompuQuest, inc. provides three basic types of software packages:

  • Real-time Control, Collection, and Display
  • Post-Processing of Data
  • Custom Software and Drivers

Real-time Control, Collection, and Display

The real-time software packages can be subdivided into two different families; those that provide control of the measurement hardware, and those that provide data display and storage only. All real-time software packages provide post-processing capabilities.

The Quest 1541 and the Quest 1532 are the most complete real-time software packages that CompuQuest, inc offer. They both provide full control of the measurement hardware, including all positioning equipment, provide data acquisition and realtime processing/display, and provide post-processing of the data files when collection is complete.

The Quest 2000 RTDS is a real-time processing and display package only; passively receiving data from the measurement hardware that is controlled by a separate system. The Quest 2000 RTDS can also store the data in real-time and provides full post-processing of the data files when collection is complete.

Post-Processing of Data

The Quest 2000 is one of the most full-featured RCS and Antenna Processing software packages available for the measurement community. A wide range of data formats are supported, including all of the SPC MkIV and MkV radars, the Aeroflex/Star Dynamics elan radars, and a variety of older formats. The Quest 2000 operates directly on the data files in their native formats. No translations are required. CompuQuest, inc. is continually adding new formats as customer needs evolve, so contact us to determine if drivers for your data formats exist.

Custom Software and Drivers

CompuQuest, inc. has years of experience in software development for the measurement community. We have written software drivers for most of the equipment commercially available for RCS and antenna measurements. If it measures levels or positions an object, we can control it. This makes CompuQuest, inc. uniquely qualified to provide you with custom solutions to your software needs. We can provide the complete package to solve your problem, or simply provide the DLL for you to incorporate into your own software package. Contact us to discuss your requirements.